LADY LIMBO: Countdown to release…

Lady Limbo is about to explode into the galaxy where people are born and eat and sleep and have sex and die and read…

This is not the same galaxy as where I write, so I shall find it strange to see her so apart from me on a bookshop shelf, quite indelible and quite unchangeable.

Watch the sky for her arrival… She’ll surprise you, she’ll arouse you, she’ll be worth the wait.

LADY LIMBO: Volume I of The Limbo Trilogy

Today is the day I know LADY LIMBO has made it out of my head into the big world. They say if you manage to write a second novel and get it published then there’s a chance you’ll be a writer after all. After all the vagaries of a first novel they mean… After all the wondering if you’ve actually got what it takes to stay the course.

So after months of uncertainty and endless glitches this cardboard box arrives and I open it and there they are – my 10 author’s copies of LADY LIMBOFinally, the most amazing cover any author could ask for – it takes my breath away like the first time I saw it.  LADY LIMBO in all her sexy glory. The one who has possessed me for six years, run fleet and bare-footed around all my objections and simply refused to take herself away and leave me in peace.

A box full of Lady Limbo
Wow, did I write that?

My mother asks “I wonder if she knows she’s on your cover?”  Awesome. She’s right, the cover model herself is another Lady Limbo, somewhere out there in a dimension that isn’t quite here or there, but lending her body to symbolise an idea somebody else had. There she is, a shining creature caught between heaven and hell, an incantation that invented herself, floating in limbo…

Lady Limbo
LADY LIMBO is out in the world now… What will they make of her?