lady-limbo-front-cover_jacana‘WILL APPEAL TO FANS OF ANN PATCHETT AND PAOLO COELHO. TOP NOTCH ACCESSIBLE LITERARY FICTION .’ — Joni Rodgers, New York Times Bestselling Author,

‘INTRIGUING CHARACTERS, DARK, THRILLING SECRETS, TWISTED PLOTS AND SEX.’                                                                             

— Maggy, 

‘GILLIAN FLYNN SUBVERTED THE TROPE NICELY IN GONE GIRL, BUT CONSUELO ROLAND IS MORE SUBVERSIVE STILL IN THIS TEASING LITERARY MYSTERY.’                                                                                            

— Fiona Zerbst, litnet

‘ A POIGNANT ODYSSEY IN SEARCH OF LOST LOVE. A MEMORABLE BOOK.’                                         

— John Van den Berg, Facebook


There is a place that is not Heaven or Hell, its name is Limbo

What does Lady Limbo have to do with her husband’s disappearance? How far will Paola Dante go to find the only man she has ever loved?

Lady LIMBO is a mystery suspense novel that shifts between Cape Town and Paris and has been described as being ‘Big, juicy and compulsively readable – a dark and twisted tale steeped in sexual intrigue and pulsing with the dangers of the online world’.

One Friday evening Daniel de Luc, an elusive crime writer, disappears from a Camps Bay apartment while cooking pasta. His wife Paola, desperately worried after days of hearing nothing, is contacted by an eccentric stranger who claims to have known her missing husband under a different name and warns her not to look for him.

Paola soon learns that her husband is involved in the shadowy world of the international sex industry.  As her neat, controlled existence is turned inside out, Paola struggles to keep her head and find her own humanity while trying to outwit her enemies and stay alive.

Lady Limbo is out now in paperback in Southern Africa, and in e-book in Southern Africa, the UK, the USA and all major European countries.


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2 thoughts on “LADY LIMBO

  1. I loved Lady Limbo and can’t wait for book number 2 in the trilogy. The story pulled me in right from the start, and I found myself being delighted by the flow of words which swept me along. It is a deceptively clever book – the language is rich, dialogue is very real, and there don’t seem to be any extraneous characters. This is a book that I will definitely read again – something I rarely do. I plan to read it more slowly second time around so that I can savour the language and figure out how the plot links all the characters together so neatly. A very satisfying read!


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