Lady Limbo

There is a place that is not Heaven or Hell, its name is Limbo.

LADY LIMBO is the first volume of The Limbo Trilogy.

Lady Limbo

2 thoughts on “Lady Limbo”

  1. Linda Curling said:

    I loved Lady Limbo and can’t wait for book number 2 in the trilogy. The story pulled me in right from the start, and I found myself being delighted by the flow of words which swept me along. It is a deceptively clever book – the language is rich, dialogue is very real, and there don’t seem to be any extraneous characters. This is a book that I will definitely read again – something I rarely do. I plan to read it more slowly second time around so that I can savour the language and figure out how the plot links all the characters together so neatly. A very satisfying read!


  2. Thanks for posting Linda! With a bit of luck Volume II of the Limbo trilogy will be done by year-end…


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