The Good Cemetery Guide was originally published by Double Storey, a fiction imprint of Juta Publishers, South Africa.

eCover-GoodCemetery-22Nov2016version2a_FINALIt garnered widespread critical acclaim, and was nominated and shortlisted for several awards. When the fiction imprint was put on hold I took my rights back, had a new cover designed (the current is the latest version), formatted it myself in e-book format, and self-published The Good Cemetery Guide in electronic book form for electronic book distribution via Amazon KDP and Smashwords.

The Good Cemetery Guide is now available on multiple e-book platforms, both in South Africa and internationally.

My next project is to make a POD copy available for those readers and reviewers who still desire the experience of touching and holding a printed book with a beautiful cover!


Anthony Loxton is biographer and narrator of his own unlikely life’s story. THE GOOD CEMETERY GUIDE (who was not after all so good) has now been elevated to immortal e-Book status.

“There are brief interludes of wild passion which seem unrelated to either of them, or their real purpose in the house. He comes and goes as he pleases through the unlocked doors. Mostly he arrives at sunset and leaves before sunrise.”

Anthony Loxton aka Tony the Fox who moonlights as an acoustic guitarist in the music bars of Kalk Bay sets out  to turn his life around with

beginner Yoga lessons. Aurora Morningstar, double jointed spiritual advisor likes him just as he is. But there’s more to Aurora Morningstar than Anthony is prepared to see…

He waits for life to come to him and 20090508203252_largeit sends

him the seductive photographer Alexandra (aka Akuaba, named for the goddess of fertility) whose passion is the art of cemeteries.

“He is the chosen spectator. He has a sense of being taken walkabout, that the room is a sacred place in the outback of her mind that has been turned inside out for the visitor, that this tall overpowering room on the edge of the sea where the photos share the same zone of time and space is their natural gallery.

And then there’s Grethe Marais, the girl from his childhood, daughter of a Kalk Bay fisherman. When she suddenly re-appears in his life as the waitress at a local music bar where Tony the Fox plays guitar, he ignores her.

THE GOOD CEMETERY GUIDE: Who can say what love is?

“It is clear to him that the man with the hair sprouting from under the black hat has stumbled onto the front page by mistake. He thinks morosely that Charlie Chaplin would have loved the scene, it had all the burlesque of comedy; a great entrance and an even better exit, the bumbling fool who makes his way onto the stage and causes the pretty girl to run away in embarrassment because of some ridiculous act. 

The audience that hoots with laughter at the fool’s antics. And the fact that he is rendered silent by the picture that speaks a thousand words. Except that Charlie Chaplin would have made sure he got the girl in the end, or he wouldn’t take the part.” 

P.S. The colour ‘yellow’ features prominently in THE GOOD CEMETERY GUIDE, as if the question of sunset and sunrise is always present. For instance, ‘What bird had such large buoy–yellow feet?’



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