Hello world!

Oxford Chapel Women

Are there any stained glass window boffs out there who can tell me in which Oxford chapel these stained glass windows can be found, who the artist is and who the seven maidens represent?

Very remiss of me but I only realised how spectacular they were when I downloaded the pics to my laptop. It’s something that I’m noticing more and more as we travel – the before (anticipation & planning) the now (tourist on holiday) and the after (memories & images months and years down the line) are so vastly different that it’s like three different viewpoints superimposed on each other, something like a 3-dimensional experience if I could only grasp it all at once.

Why is it important? Just because the images are beautiful and haunting. And because chapels like this fulfil a spiritual need that is difficult to ignore. After all, what relevance do the ancient dead have in today’s world?

A zooty digital camera/mobile phone feature would be the ability to add comments to a photograph post facto (for instance in the Oxford chapel where I took the photo), something like a customised date and location stamp that shows up (or not) on the printed image. It’s not asking a lot… If it already exists please tell me where!

Let the Cyberspace Adventure Begin!

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